Thursday, February 19, 2009



If you have access to digital painting & illustration software such as Corel or Photoshop, you can make your own tribal tattoo designs. Don't have access to one? Here's an alternative. You can download and print out our basic tribal tattoo kit. Simply cut out the basic shapes and arrange them to make your own tribal designs.

Another idea for your tattoo hunt is to not limiting yourself to searching exclusively for English words for tattoo on the internet. In Spanish, the verb to tattoo is tatuar (with conjugations in present tense: yo tatuo, tu tatuas, el tatua, nosotros tatuamos, ustedes tatuan) and the singular noun is el tatuaje and the plurar is los tatuajes. You can search for these English cognates: fotos, fotografrias, imagenes, galerias; and also dibujos (drawings) and disenos (designs). In Italian, look for tatuaggi; in French, tatouages; German, tatowierung.

Tribal tattoos portray a lot of meaning. The tribal tattoos are normally used by people to represent a particular tribe. They can also be used to prove that the person is a part of a group. Tribal tattoos also represent religious beliefs. The tribal tattoos of leaders in a group or a tribe was different from the other people in the tribe. Hence, many times the tattoos also signified the position in terms of seniority in the tribe. Tribal tattoos also mean that you are a part of particular group. In case you have the wrong tattoo, then the tribe may disown you and treat you as an outsider. There were many Asian tribal societies in the past where they used tattoos on people who were enemies of a particular tribe. Hence you have to be very careful with your tattoo design when you go to the jungle. You may be received with open arms or someone may also shoot an arrow at you.

There are many types of tribal tattoo designs that are extremely common amongst the people. They are the sun as well as Celtic knots. The tribal women may prefer designs like flowers. The tribal tattoos can be designed anywhere on the body. However normally people design tribal tattoos on those body parts which are visible to other humans. These body parts are the neck, the shoulder and the arm. The other body parts where the tribal tattoo designs can be made are the lower back, the navel and the chest.